Zip Source U.S.

File Specifications, Support and Installation


Number of records : 63000 (Approx.)
Record Length: 180 bytes
Block size:
Media:  IBM 3480 Cartridge or CD-ROM.
Format: Cartridge can be EBCDIC or ASCII

CD-ROM or Diskette can be ASCII text file or ASCII comma delimited The file on diskette is compressed using PKZIP


Simply copy ZipSource to your PC, mini-computer or mainframe and you're ready to go. if you receive the diskette, just uncompress the file. 


Some data on the ZipSource file is optional and may be obtained upon request. Otherwise these fields are blank.

BASE FILE - contains the basic zip code data, such as city name, county data.  (positions 1-96 and positions 100-108). All customers receive this data.

MSA OPTION - contains the MSA and population level fields (positions 109-119)

LAT/LONG OPTION - contains the latitude and longitude datti as well as the PICADAD information This will allow you to calculate distances between zip codes (positions 120-141)

TELEPHONE AREA CODE OPTION - contains the telephone area code for the zip code. Each zip code may have up to 3 area codes (positions 97-99 and 150-155)


ZipSource is regularly maintained by a full-time research staff; Updates are supplied as replacement copies of the file and may be purchased quarterly, semi-annually or annually. These updates contain the latest information from the USPS, government and industry sources.



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