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Product Overview

A Solution Tool For Planning, Marketing, Analysis

ZIPSOURCE is a directory of precise geographic locations and precise place names. Calculate distances for a Web Based Dealer Locator Application. This file helps you meet your business planning, marketing, and analysis needs. Zip Source conveniently cross-references locations by five-digit ZIP codes. And it gives you further flexibility to sort locations by:

  • all cities within a three-digit telephone area code
  • post office branch or station
  • place name within city
  • county

Zip Source is a tool you can use to successfully manage the variety of applications made possible by steadily increasing geographic location information. Discover what more than 300 of the fortune 1000 companies have learned... Drawing on Zip Source data for more than 42,000 cities and ZIP codes provides answers to their planning and marketing challenges in many areas, including:

  • sales and dealer territory assignment
  • telemarketing
  • tax reporting
  • distance studies
  • demographic analysis
  • transportation management

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