RELEASE:                             December 31, 2008


PREVIOUS UPDATE:         September 30, 2008


COMMENTS:                       ZIP SOURCE is provided as a fixed block sequential file in ASCII or EBCIDIC format. The external tape label will provide specific DCB information. Please utilize in-house utilities for installation. Or, the product is supplied as an ASCII file on a CD.


UPDATE SUMMARY:         The following are estimates of the changes that occurred for this                                                                              release.


                                                 DISCONTINUED ZIPS: 01

                                                 NEW ZIPS:   62

                                                 ZIP CHANGES: 26


  • Area Code Changes – No Area Code Changes for December, 2008


For the March, 2009 release, several Area Code changes will be included:

NPA 458 to overlay 541 (Oregon)

NPA 442 to overlay 760 (California)

NPA 747 to overlay 818 (California)

NPA 681 to overlay 304 (West Virginia)


For all the above, inclusion is subject to NPA Planning Letter notice.


  • MSA Changes  - Changes this Quarter 6 new CSA Codes, 1 new metropolitan code, 1  change, 4 new micropolitan codes, one changed, I Division code added.


Last OMB update to MSA Data was:  November 2007 (OMB Bulletin No. 08-01) announcing updates to metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas as of November 2007, based on Census Bureau’s July 1, 2005 and July 1, 2006 population estimates for cities and towns, and in specified circumstances, local opinion.



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